Friday, July 12, 2013

Precious Memories & A Birthday Wish...

Hello there! Today would have been my grandfather's 79th birthday. I wish more than anything that he was here on earth to celebrate with us! Not only that, which I also wish more than anything that he would have been present at my wedding and also been able to meet Stephen and Lilly. I just know that he would have loved them both-especially Lilly (not offense to Stephen)
Just a little bit of information about my Papa (and some pictures of course)

Most of my childhood memories involve Grandma and Papa. They were my favorite people on earth and I LOVED spending time with them and at their house-good thing I did since I spent a lot of time there while my parents worked full time. Grand parents provide the best child care! They spoiled me to no end and I was so blessed by both of my grandparents. Thankfully, Gram is still here with us creating new memories! 
*4th grade field trip that he chaperoned. We walked from my school to the Middleburg boat ramp and park. Apparently he didn't know it was a walking field trip he signed up for! 
*I remember him (and Gram) picking me up from school in his 18 wheeler. I felt like the coolest kid around because I was getting picked up in a ride that had bunk-beds. Bunk-beds were so cool! 
I remember countless vacations: the beach, the mountains, GA for my cousin Beth's graduation from pharmacy school, camping, Disney name it. 
* I will never forget our vacation in Daytona Beach where Papa did the Richard Petty Driving Experience. 
*I remember on all our vacations we had an itinerary. The itinerary was made up and only in his head, so he could randomly add things to it. I also remember not knowing what an itinerary was on some of the trips when I was younger and always being upset when I asked to go somewhere, only to be told "that stop is not on the itinerary"...we usually stopped anyways though. 
* I remember how my cousins used to borrow his tools and not return them, so he took a can of spray paint and painted a stripe on all his tools so they would be easily recognized while in anyone's garage. 
* I remember how much he loved the color yellow. 
* I also remember wearing yellow to his funeral-as everyone did. 
* I remember how he fought cancer for 16+ years and hit several set-backs. 
* I remember that he had to go have lab work done every week-and I always think of this when I have to have my lab work done (every three months). If Papa could do it every week, then I can certainly do it 4 times a year! 
* I remember that I could always call him-even if I were just bored at home-and he would come get me and we would go on an adventure. 
* I remember that our adventures almost always ended up at a marina or car dealership. 
* I remember car shopping with him for my first car when I was 15. I remember his purchasing the car I wanted for "him" to drive until I turned 16...even though my parents were against it. 
* I remember that time he and my cousin Danny purchased a boat that wasn't even for sale from someones front yard and restored it beautifully. Danny still owns that boat...
* I remember how brave he was through all his chemo and radiation treatments. He was so positive around us grand-kids. 
* I remember the day he was taken to hospice and my heart broke a little. I took my little brother and cousin Amanda to McDonald's for lunch to occupy them while our parents went to the hospital with Papa and Gram. That day was the last time I have ever eaten a Big Mac. 
* I remember staying at hospice until well after dark when finally my Mom told me to go home. Hunter stayed the night at my house since Mom stayed all night at hospice. I think Amanda might have been with me too...not sure. I remember saying goodbye and goodnight and kissing Papa. 
* I remember how I longed for morning on December 27th because I could not wait to go back to Hospice. I had planned to pick up breakfast for the crew. 
* I remember texting my cousin Danny well into the night on the 27th asking if he thought Papa was going to be okay or in pain. I remember leaning on my older cousin...
* I remember the phone call from my Dad on the morning of the 28th telling me, and I remember being in a daze and spending a lot of time at my Grandma's house (I lived alone and next door to her). 
* I remember spending the night at Gram's for about a week...and I remember not going to work for almost 3 just because I couldn't get out of bed.
* I remember that Papa used to wear Dickies jump suits all.the.time. He even had red ones that he wore on Christmas.
* I remember how he used to shave his face with his electric razor while sitting on the couch watching the news and drinking his coffee when he was home.
* I remember his smile.
* I remember the way he smelled and the scent of his aftershave.  
* I remember and will always remember, the positive impact he had on my life and all the memories we made together and as a family.
Photos taken on his last birthday with us. 

On a happier note, I want to wish my friend Matt a very happy birthday today. I am so thankful for his friendship and think it is very cool that he shares a birthday with my Papa. Since he does, I will never forget his birthday! 

And with that...I'm out. Sorry for the heavy post-I'll be back to normal programming next week! :)  

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How wonderful that you have those memories! I always remember that my grandmother's house smelled like hairspray and lemon dusting spray.